lunes, 7 de septiembre de 2009

Lab Rats are busySo

Summertime and the Lab Rats are busySo hush, little babies, don’t you cryyy … We are armed with a piping-hot batch of film experiments to keep your summer sssmokin’ hot! For this edition, we’ll be presenting some tricks involving instant photos, as well as strips of negatives – all of which will keep your summer sizzling with lots of analogue fun, thanks to submitted tips from our Lomograt-phers!

Cut and Stick your Negatives by slamoutwithyourclamout“The tape creates some nice line and texture. Try to be creative with the cuts!” – slamoutwithyourclamout
This cool Lab Rat trick shows how you can cut and paste your own scene – literally! Create surreal pictures with the help of scissors and some tape! Here’s how to do it:
Tools:1. a pair of scissors2. clear tape3. your old negatives!
1. Take some old negatives and simply cut into them.